AA MARINE was contacted by a shipowner with a fleet of product carriers regarding a serious problem with one of the cargo pumps. Suddenly for the discharging, the cargo pump was overheated, stocked and not able to turn. The largest problems for the owners were that the vessel just has entered a new charter not allowing off-hiring within reasonable period without major economic consequenses.

Due to our experience from earlier repairs the captain was advised to use the hydraulic operated submersible portable pump for the ending of the discharging not to risk any further damage. Our pump engineers attended the vessel in the Northern Spain for a voyage from Tarragona to Gijon. During the trip our engineers were able to inspect the cargo pump. The pump cylinder was dismantled down in the tank, and further inspection confirmed that the cause was a broken cylinder shaft.




Because of the heating from the cracked shaft, the complete cylinder had to be reconditioned. Our pump engineers were dismantling all parts in the pump cylinder. In schedule with owners, all spareparts were landed in Gijon and sent to our workshop to be reconditioned. The cracks had caused very aggresive failure for the impellers and pump casing. These parts had to be welded and machined in our workshop.

The repair scheduled was carefully planned by owner and AA MARINE. In connection with this agreement, it was arranged to attend the vessel for next port with new and reconditioned parts. All necessary spareparts and tools were arranged. All impellers, shaft & wear rings were complete again with casing in cylinder.




Upon completion of the repair, AA MARINE overhauled the complete basement for the pump and system in connection with commissioning and testing for correct pressure and capacity.

Compared to off-hire, this project was still a more profitable solution for the owner.

As a result of this failure for the pumps, the owners expressed a large confidence in AA MARINE and placed an order for a full set of cargo pumps. Overhaul at the next drydocking six months later was confirmed.